Feel hopeless?

Feel hopeless?

Is addiction destroying your life and happiness, or the life and happiness of someone you love?

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What is Addiction

People typically start using substances because of losses. When someone they love dies or leaves them they obviously get very upset and turn to anything that will make them numb. All they want to do is numb the pain of the loss. It could also be the loss of a job or position or the loss of their lifelong pet, but it is the pain that makes them turn to a substance.

Since that is not the correct solution, this ‘solution’ ends up becoming the bigger problem and actually causing more pain. Instead of allowing themselves to grieve and get past the loss they end up in more trouble. And the worst part is that because they don’t go through the grieving process they get ‘stuck’ in the loss.

Their destructive actions lead to loss of self respect and dignity and make them use even more and so it becomes a vicious circle. Even study problems and learning difficulties lead some to substance use. That is still a loss, they fear the loss of a good future of being able to become the person that they really want to be and letting themselves and their families down. They may have already been put on some ‘drug’ by a doctor and labeled. This made them feel inferior and destroyed their self respect little by little. Made them feel less of a person, less able.

Being labeled and given a drug also taught them that that is how you solve problems in life. So the next time they have a problem they turn to a substance of their choosing.

Parents/people fail to see that a drug is a drug. They get confused by the terms ‘legal’ and ‘illegal’. However, the kidneys, the liver, the heart, can’t tell the difference between legal and illegal, where the substance was purchased, how it’s package and the individual that sold it. ALL drugs burn off vitamins in the brain and cause depression.

Whether its drugs or alcohol doesn’t matter, what matters is that the substance they turned to ends up ruing their lives. The more they use the more they have to use, the more pain it actually gives them instead of taking away the pain. Their bodies get used to the amount so they always have to increase it and use more and more.

When the substance ’causes’ more depression and horrible anxiety and mood swings and changes in personality, they seek help from a doctor, who then puts them on ‘more’ drugs.

What they really need is real answers to life’s real problems. They need actual solutions, they need ‘life skills’, they need to know how to handle life’s problems and not run away from them.

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Don’t let drugs and alcohol take your loves ones away from you forever.
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181 thoughts on “Feel hopeless?

  1. I’m héroin addict for past few years,, how will I get rid of it cause I’ve got no one to help me and I failed a lot of times trying to stop it

  2. Our domestic help’s son is addicted to drugs. She can’t afford putting him into a paid de-addiction center. Do you have any free programs for poor families or can you please help with any contacts of such centers that have free programs? She is in Hyderabad.

  3. I just want to quit heroin drug iam injecting every single day. I can’t leave that drug if I do then the feeling iam going through is very bad. Please help. Or give me guidance how to quit it.

  4. My younger brother addicted to alcohol. Consuming more. He is at the age of 34 now. Married 10years back. No kids. Not settled in life.
    I want to help him to get rid of this habit.
    He is living in Hyderabad.
    Pls suggest me some rehabilitation centres that offers free service in Hyderabad.

  5. Hi,
    Need help and solution for my best friend, he got epilepsy attacks twice in a year..he started lie and never quit alchol.i am so worried tried hard even his family but he always make fake commitment and break..they don’t want to live with him because he is into this bad habit and he s making their life hell day by day..need advise

  6. I am not addicted I can be without drugs
    I have admitted in hospital now i’m using some course of tablets
    I have some dressing thoughts for my life how to become a normal person

  7. Sir,i was the adect of heroin drug….But now from last three days i let it properly….Now im suffering from many prombims…..Dying wth pain….Plx help me….I clld ur no. But u dnt receive my call plx sir……Totly dying.

  8. My brother addicted to alcohol. Consuming more. He is at the age of 38 now. Married 10years back. have two kids. Not settled in life.
    I want to help him to get rid of this habit.
    He is living in tamilnadu .
    Pls suggest me any medicine with out visit hospital and center? my brother not ready to come any hospital and centers. please help me.

  9. I’m seeking help for my friend who has acute pancreatitis he tries to leave alcohol but he cannot resist on seeing it and so he is getting continuous attacks….please help us before this thing gets worse

  10. Ho.
    I ma durgesh from hyderabad .
    Iam very much addict of alcohol and cigtrattes.
    Im facing very much problem.
    Plz help me.
    Is there changes to cure.

  11. My friend is addicted to Marijuana and smoking very regular . He has been taking it for last 1 year. Please guide me the solution to de additive him from all this. He do not have acceptance to leave these bad habits and now just destroying his life. Please help us.

  12. My husband is addicted to alcohol
    From last 5 years
    We are in a very bad situation
    He has been to a rehab twice once willingly and once without his concern
    What is the permanent solution for it

  13. My brother is addicted of alcohol and he out of control,he abuses our parents and he is highly addicted… please help me…

      1. Hi could you please assist me with any reasonable rehab centers in twin cities for alcohol de addiction government affiliated one please…. Thank you

  14. My father is addicted of alcohol and he out of control, he abuses our family and he is highly addicted… please help me…

  15. My husband is alcohol addict he Vl make false commitment to quit but actually never quit .. urgently need help I have tried to do everything but nothing helps

  16. My brother Started Taking a particular medicine as pain killer but leter on he was unable to stop that medication now he takes that medicine daily and if don’t have that medicine he starts feeling a lot of problems although he himself wants to stop all these but he is unable to do so . He is feeling helpless . Please suggest the best possible way to get rid of this problem

  17. My husband is suffering due to depression and is a alcoholic addict….i want him get out of alcoholism and smoking addiction..pls help

  18. I am suffering from weed adiction and its not working anywhere in my life. I have started noticing adverse effects of it.I need your help.

  19. My brother is addicted of alcohol and he is out of control .,he abuse our parents and family and he is very highly addicted ….plzzz help me

  20. My friend is too much addicted to alcohol. How can I get him back to the normal life. Please reply. We are a group of of friends ready to help him to recover. please give a solution.

  21. my brother drinks too much even after he says he will not do it. too tired from him actually. is there any way to get rid of his addiction.

  22. Hi Team,
    You are doing great job!!
    My father is addicted to Alcohol, Cigarettes and Gutka.
    He may not show willing to come rehab center.
    Could you please kindly help me in this.
    Thanks in advance!!!

  23. I need help for my driver who is under alcohol and tobacco addiction. Dont think he would be ready for counselling. What step would you suggest.

    Can i not give my real name ..

  24. My father have been drinking throughout his life i really really want him to quit.. is there any medicine that can get him to quit drinking? Like to help him hate liquor? Really need help… Im affraid we might lose him if this doesn’t stop..

  25. M addicted from last 6 years with drugs ..I don’t want to do anymore but when I don’t take this things I can’t sleep and the body pain part is the worse one. ..so now m using it jst to take sleep or get away from paining. ..it hurts a lot. …plz suggest me something …

  26. My father very big addict for alcohol..he doing very bad think.always figfighting in home…its very embarrassing to my mom…can u help me..to solve this problem. .

  27. Hi, my father is addicted to alcohol.cigarrette,even sometimes he I’ll take gutka also…now is unable to stop it.. would you please respond me..

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