Heroin: AKA “Dead on Arrival”

Heroin: AKA “Dead on Arrival”

Heroin: Another Name for Death

Heroin is processed from morphine, a naturally occurring substance extracted from the seed pod of certain varieties of poppy plants. Heroin is a highly addictive and rapidly acting opiate. It’s known as: diamorphine, diacetylmorphine, dope, black tar, dust, H, junk, horse, scag or smack. It is made from the drug morphine, an organic substance that arrives from the opium poppy plant. The pure heroin is bitter-tasting, white, fine crystalline powder. The heroin sold on the street varies in color and constancy depending on the system it is prepared and what other materials are mixed to it. It may look like a dark brown muggy gum, a brown gritty substance or a white powder. It can contain a purity of two to ninety eight percent.

Heroin may be;

1.         Dissolved in water then injected into a muscle, vein, or under the skin

2.         Smoked

3.         Snorted

How does it effect our bodies?

After using heroin, it travels throughout our bloodstream and easily reaches the brain. After reaching the brain, it is rehabilitated back into morphine. The morphine interacts with explicit proteins on our brain cells called the opioid receptors. Then, opioid receptors send pointers between our brain cells or neurons and ultimately modify the way the person experiences pain.

Does heroin produce the same effect for everyone?

The effects of heroin are quite unpredictable. It is quite diverse for every individual. The way anyone feels after taking these drugs depends on many issues:

•          Weight and age

•          Mood, environment, and expectations

•          The amount of dose

•          Psychiatric or medical conditions

•          The way heroin is taken

•          How long and how often heroin has been used

•          The use of other drugs

What is the actual effect of using heroin?

Heroin is a precarious drug whose dangerous effects are unpredictable, partially because the consumer does not identify its strength or purity. A person after taking heroin may feel dizzy and confused. It may also momentarily relieve depression and anxiety. When heroin is injected into a vein, it can create a pleasurable rush feeling that lasts for a few minutes depending on the dose. The rush produces an individual sense of happiness, relaxation and a lack of physical and emotional pain. After the early feeling goes away, the user enters a phase of tranquil that can last about an hour.

A short-term use of heroin can produce;

•          Nausea and vomiting

•          Lack of emotion

•          Reduced appetite

•          Impaired night vision and pinpoint pupils

•          Decreased response to pain

•          Constipation

•          Headaches

•          Burning or itching sensation of skin

•          Cold, clammy skin

•          Low blood pressure

•          Shallow and slow breathing

•          Unconsciousness

•          Bluish skin


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