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The Four Warning Signs of Alcoholism

The Four Warning Signs of Alcoholism

Persons who are becoming addicted to alcohol display four unmistakable warning signs. While an alcoholic may claim that he has his habit under control, and he can quit any time he wants to, this is simply not the case. He may be very convincing to family members and even to himself, but the fact is that alcoholism causes a person to believe alcohol is beneficial and even necessary for his own well-being. He will lie or get angry in an effort to prevent his habit from being interrupted.


Someone who is suffering from alcoholism craves alcohol. Whether in the form of beer, wine, or harder liquor, an alcoholic experiences a strong desire for alcohol. Oftentimes he’ll think about his next drink when he isn’t drinking. He has a need or compulsion to drink.

Loss of Control

An alcoholic who starts drinking has a hard time stopping. He will keep drinking regardless of his state of mind or health. Someone who is addicted to alcohol can’t just “have one drink”. One drink becomes many.

Physical Dependence

When an alcoholic makes the rare effort to quit, he suffers actual physical withdrawal symptoms including nausea, sweating, and shakiness. He’ll also experience varying degrees of anxiety and deep depression caused by the alcohol. Depending on the nature of his addiction and how much he’s been drinking on a daily basis, his physical dependence can lead to life-threatening complications, including convulsions, hallucination and delirium tremens (D.T.’s).


Once someone begins to drink alcohol regularly, he develops tolerance. In other words, he needs more and more alcohol in order to achieve the same high.

One thing to remember about alcoholism is that it gradually becomes worse with time. There are many levels of alcoholism, and a person doesn’t need to be flat-out drunk every hour of the day in order to be considered an alcoholic.

If you are asking yourself whether you or a loved one has a problem with alcohol, that’s a pretty good sign here is indeed a problem.

Good programs exists to help alcoholics safely quit alcohol without suffering life-threatening complications. However, effective rehabilitation for an alcoholic only begins with a physical detox in a sauna.

After that point clients discover the underlying reason they turned to alcohol in the first place. they gain life skills and new understanding that will help them mend the lives that alcohol has tried to destroy.

MARIJUANA: How It Effects You

MARIJUANA: How It Effects You

A psychoactive drug known as marijuana or commonly known as cannabis, is a type of drug which is extracted from the plants of cannabis sativa. Commonly it is used for religious, recreational spiritual or medical purposes. Though it is used in the mentioned sources but still it has been termed as illegal from the beginning of the early 20th century in most of the countries including Canada. The reason of terming marijuana as illegal is the fact that it has numerous side effects associated with it which results from excessive or regular usage of marijuana drug. In order to know how severe causes are affiliated with the marijuana drugs following are some of the disadvantages or the cons of this type of drug.

Due to excessive use of marijuana drug, problems can occur during learning or memorizing things. It can also cause distorted perception (sights, sounds, touch and time). Due to lack of coordination or facing problems during finding solutions can also be caused due to excessive use of marijuana drugs.

Marijuana drug consists of active ingredient that is delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol or THC which reacts on the cannabiniod receptors of the nervous system and thus affects the working of cells, like pleasure, thinking aspects, memory, and concentration, sensory and related movements. Hallucinations, delusions, impaired memory and disorientation can be caused when excessive amount of marijuana drug is taken through food.

Due to intake of marijuana drug through smoking, it can cause heart beat to increase furiously an simultaneously drops the blood pressure within minutes. An increase of 20 to 50 heart beats per minute of a person can be caused due to excessive intake of marijuana drug through smoking. A marijuana smoker is three times more at risk than others.

Due to marijuana smoking, burning and stinging of the mouth or severe and heavy throat coughing are some of the dangerous or severe effects. Researches and studies have found out that mothers who had been using marijuana drugs during pregnancy have given birth to children who had problems with neurological developments. The excessive use of marijuana drug also decreases the immune system of fighting from the diseases with eventually results in different kinds of health problems which increases the bacterial infections and tumors in the body as well.

Violent behaviors are also noted due to intake of marijuana drugs. Traffic violations and crimes are some of the examples. These were some of the major disadvantages of the marijuana drugs. Though drugs of any kind can cause severe effects but marijuana drug is one of the worst types of drug to use which can cause severe damage to your inter personal life, professional life as well as your health.