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The Deadly Effects of Crack Use

The Deadly Effects of Crack Use

Crack is not a drug all to itself, but a drug created from another drug, cocaine. When cocaine is boiled down and purified to eliminate all the impurities, it turns into a rock-type form. It is usually smoked in glass pipes that are either professionally made or nothing but a broken light bulb with the end missing. It is, without a doubt, the most addicting form of cocaine ever conceived. To better understand the adverse effects that crack has on the mind and body, we have compiled the facts of the drug’s effects:

The Effects of Crack Use on the Mind

Crack use directly effects brain chemistry within 10 seconds after it’s smoked. It causes the user to have extreme confidence, no appetite, long-lasting insomnia, increased energy, paranoia while high, and a craving for, or mental dependence on, crack.

Crack use may be one of the most popular drugs in America, but that’s not because it lasts for a long time. The crack high usually only lasts 10 to 15 minutes. The reason for that is, crack directly raises the dopamine levels in the brain. After that 10 minutes period of time, those dopamine levels plummet, making that high and euphoric feeling quickly fade away.

This high of highs is wanted again and again, but since the dopamine levels in a persons brain can take a very long time to replenish, the high is never anywhere as good as it was the first time. This act is called chasing the dragon. It describes the constant chase to feel that euphoric effect that’s had the first time crack is used. The constant use of crack can lead to one of the strangest types of mental illnesses, called delusional parasitosis.

This, simply put, is the delusion that parasites are living throughout the body, from the skin to the vital organs. This often referred to as “cocaine bugs,” where extended users feel as if there are bugs crawling under their skin. Many of the victims of this delusion have sores and scars from constantly itching their skin, trying to get the bugs out. These same types of behavior can be experienced through meth abuse and even alcohol abuse.

The Effects of Crack on the Body

The effects of crack on the body have a direct physical role to play in the health of any crack user. Starting from the head down, the pupils will become dilated, the loss of balance and even vertigo has been known to set in, the blood vessels constrict, causing an increased heart rate and raised blood pressure. While high on crack, the heart is under immense stress and can easily lead to a heart attack or a stroke.

The lungs are also adversely effected from crack use, the risk of respiratory arrest are very real and happen in fairly large percentile of long-term users. On top of all this, the body temperature rises, making the crack user sweat and shake from unexpected hot and cold flashes.

These are the main effects for crack use on the mind and body. By being educated and aware of the consequences, you can choose to make the right decision for yourself and your family. By knowing what signs to look for, you can know when a family member or a friend needs help overcoming a crack addiction.

The Effects of Heroin Addiction to the Body and Mind

The Effects of Heroin Addiction to the Body and Mind

Heroin addiction should be looked at like a reversible condition, a devastating condition, but reversible none-the-less. Heroin addiction usually starts off as occasional and recreational drug use. After that first dose, the user starts to go through changes in body and brain chemistry. It is true that some people have a more addictive personality than others, but everyone who tries it is likely to become heavily addicted as a long-term user.

No one intends on having an uncontrollable addiction to any drug, especially one as destructive as heroin. Many user’s utilize heroin as a pain killer after a horrible accident. Even after the pain has subsided and they no longer need the drug, many find it extremely difficult to pull away from it.

Heroin addiction can be so powerful because it can fight off even the most intense pain. It causes a sense of profound euphoria and total relaxation. Many users go to sleep shortly after injecting themselves. Heroin withdraw can set in after only 6 hours after the last dose, and occurs in people who have used the drug for as few as three days, making it very powerful and very addicting. The drug is overpowering because it attaches to opiate receptors in the brain, the intestinal system, and even the spinal cord.

Overdosing due to heroin addiction is very common among heavy users. It has been used time and time again to commit suicide and even commit murder. Some countries, such as those in Southeast Asia, carry a death sentence for trafficking the drug.

One of the most dangerous parts of quitting heroin is the withdraw that follows after only a few hours from the last dose. This withdraw can effect the body’s ability to function properly, causing heavy sweats, anger, heart attacks, and even lead the person picking up other addictions to try and soothe the withdraw of heroin, such as alcohol or barbiturates.

For every heroin user, the overdose is an inevitability. Overdosing on heroin doesn’t always mean you’re dying. Overdosing on heroin can mean falling into a coma, becoming completely disorientated, having muscle spasms, and constrictions, that effect the body movements and even speech patterns.

Heroin addiction can have adverse effects on your blood pressure as well, causing a weak pulse and/or heart problems, in some cases after only a few uses. That isn’t the end of the side effects of heroin addiction though, there are also digestive problems that occur for a heroin addict. These are stomach spasms, pains, and severe constipation. The overall effect of heroin addiction also has a terrible effect on your body’s ability to fight off disease, making infections of the ears, nose, and throat very common. Heroin addicts also end up placing their addiction before work, friends, and even their own family family.

These are just a few of the side effects of heroin addiction that have destroyed the lives of countless addicts. It is a reversible problem that can be handled with a determined will and plan of action.

The Mistreatment and Abuse of OxyContin

The Mistreatment and Abuse of OxyContin

About Oxycontin:

Do you know what Oxycontin is? It is also known as Oxycodone, which is a powerful tranquilizer drug used for treatment of restrained to severe pain. But, in Canada it is also sold under various names including Oxycocet, Supeudol, Endocet and OxyContin. It is also identified as “Hillbilly Heroin” because of its popularity in meager regions of the United State, where overdoses have taken more than hundred lives. Oxycontin is a kind of pill that activates on a time-release principle, but hillbilly heroin is made by crushing the pills and then snorting or injecting the resulting powder. In a statistic, it found that from 1999 to 2003, there had been 4-5 times the increase in fatalities where Oxycontin had been noticed in the blood stream of the deceased.

Overview of Oxycontin Damage:

  • In 2000, The US based Drug Mistreatment Warning Network reported a 4X increase in oxycodone related deaths, based on the coroner and medical examiner reports.
  • In 2001, Oxycodone mistreatment was highly exposed all through North America.
  • In 2003, the toll of death in Canada raised to hundred and one people in Ontario Canada alone died by Oxycodone in their blood systems. Which is ten times more than previous statistics.
  • In 2005, CTV reported news as a tragic story about Kyle Blythe who was a young guy in Ontario whose existence coiled out of control. Then his doctor prescribed him Oxycontin after Blythe endured tendonitis in his wrist. Blythe spent $100,000 getting OxyContin unlawfully and ruined his whole life.

These events indicate us just one thing, Oxycontin is not a simple matter of fact and it should be controlled right now.

OxyContin mistreatment In Ontario and Toronto, Canada:

OxyContin has caused many overindulges and deaths in province of Ontario and Toronto.  In 1990, Chief Medical Inspector of Ontario, Barry Mclellan, asked the forensic department to go reverse and review every death file of drug overdoses from the past 5 years in Ontario. It was found that from 1999 to 2003 there had been 4-5X the increase in fatalities where Oxycontin had been noticed in the blood stream of the deceased.

Methamphetamine: The Smoking Gun

Methamphetamine: The Smoking Gun

Methamphetamine is the synthetic, man-made, illegal drug. It’s not finished from an herb or a plant. Methamphetamine differs in purity and texture depending on how it’s made. It comes in the form of crystals, coarse powder, or white chunks with pink or grey bits. It can be smoked, injected, or snorted. ‘Speed‘ is the inject-able form of methamphetamine. Gemstone Meth is the smoke-able form of methamphetamine. It also known as: crank, chalk, 222, crystal, dirt meth, glass, fast salt, Hawaiian, gak, ginkgo, ice, grit, ladies, kryptonite, koolaid, peach, pink, peanuts, peanut butter, cocaine of poor man’s, shards, shabby, rock candy, speed, soiks, sketch, Tina, stove top, spooch, zip, tweak. The outcomes of methamphetamine are varied. It’s different for each person.

The way someone feels after ingesting methamphetamine depends on many factors:

Weight and age

Mood, environment, and expectations

The amount of dose

Psychiatric or medical conditions

The way the methamphetamine is taken, how long and for how often

Use of some other drugs including prescription, non-prescription, and any street drugs

Short-term effects of methamphetamine:

Reduced appetite

Sleep difficulties



Teeth grinding


Dry mouth

Pupil’s dilation

Increased heart beat and uneven heart beat

Muscle tremors

Stomach ache

Breathing rate increased

Long-term effects:

Regular addicts of methamphetamine could;

Have sleeping trouble

Skin lesions

Meth mouth

Lose their weight and lose appetite

Feel tense or anxious

Develop high blood-pressure

Develop rhythmic body movements

Experience a speedy heart beat

Methamphetamine is awfully addictive. Tolerance on the sense elevating and mood of well-being outcomes of methamphetamine develops speedily with regular use. Tolerance can also develop in the direction of a few of the bodily effects on the drug, for example the produce on body temperature and blood pressure.

A regular addict who stops using methamphetamine abruptly could experience:


Restless and extended sleep




Intense craving for drug

Suicidal thoughts

The only way to be rid from this drug is to increase people awareness.