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Meth, as it is popularly called, is a psychedelic stimulant. The full name of this drug is Methamphetamine. People who take meth are at a high risk of becoming addicted. Nowadays, meth awareness is done everywhere in order to educate people about its dangers. It is becoming popular among youths as it is very cheap and readily available and as it has been known to trigger the nervous system, thereby increasing the ecstatic mood of the consumer.

In recent times, knowing about meth is very important as a lot of people mistaken it for some other stimulants and so they take it. Others take the drug excessively, knowing what this drug is all about, and so it becomes an abused substance and the people taking it become addicts. Though, it is similar to a lot of other stimulants like the amphetamine derivatives, its effects when misused are lethal.

Most people take it into the body through snorting, smoking or through intravenous injections, and its deadly effects can rapidly be felt in very few minutes of overdose. Excessive excitement and euphoria are the heights of pleasure that it produces on the consumers, but this is just for some minutes. A few minutes after these ecstatic effects, severe depression and rapid loss of pleasure sets in.

A major sign which indicates an abuse of meth is the “meth mouth“. This is a condition in which the teeth enamels become corroded. Users with “meth mouth” have blackened, stained, or rotting teeth, which often can’t be saved, even among young or short-term users.

Meth Side Effects

One of the most striking effects of meth is the change in the physical appearance of meth users. Because meth causes the blood vessels to constrict, it cuts off the steady flow of blood to all parts of the body. Heavy usage can weaken and destroy these vessels, causing tissues to become prone to damage and inhibiting the body’s ability to repair itself. Acne appears, sores take longer to heal, and the skin loses its luster and elasticity. Some users are covered in small sores, the result of obsessive skin-picking brought on by the hallucination of having bugs crawling beneath the skin, a disorder known as formication.

The hardest addiction to take care of or treated is that of meth dependence. Though some people opined that addiction to meth is incurable, there is a cure for it.

Do not leave a person addicted to meth without attending to him, he needs serious help, and you should try to help him out his predicament.

A Window into the Deadly Effects of Crack Cocaine

A Window into the Deadly Effects of Crack Cocaine

Cocaine is one of the most dangerous drugs in circulation today. It is a very potent drug, which has several harmful effects on its consumers. Cocaine is a crystalline alkaloid product of the leaves of the coca plant which is known to be easily addicted to and it is a stimulant which easily takes over the central nervous system. There are a lot of modified forms of cocoa in recent times; you must have come across freebase form which crack cocaine is produced and also the hydrochloride salt. Each of these types of cocaine is addicting and has dangerous effects on the human body.

Crack is a cocaine type that is produced from the powdered form of cocaine. Its name was derived from the distinct cracking sound it makes when it is smoked. It is inexpensive to buy, and this accounts for its popularity among the rich, poor and the generality of people. It is the most dangerous and addicting form of cocaine with a lot of people addicted to its use. It is very pure and has a very strong effect when compared to other types of cocaine. A myriad of names is used to refer to crack on the street especially among those who make use of them. Some of these names are beat, sugar block, raw, candy, troop and so on.

Crack cocaine is a very harmful drugs that if inhaled, is easily absorbed into the lungs. The human body has a very distinct way of taking it into the body. When it gets into the lungs after inhaling it, it is transferred into the blood stream and from the blood stream it gets into the brain. This is where it injects its potent poison of addiction and danger into the body of the person who inhales it. Crack cocaine effects include mental, physical and psychological effects. Due to the fact that the hydrochloride that gives it its salt property has been removed and processed over heat and mixed with baking soda and ammonia, it becomes easy to be smoked and so it is mostly smoked than sniffed.

Cocaine in the body can bring nervous system disorders, sometimes coma and eventually death. Crack cocaine effects can be for a short and long term. Nausea, dilated pupils, anxiety, high blood pressure, increased heart rate are some of the short term crack cocaine effects. While severe depression, excessive sweating, severe tooth decay, mood disturbances, weight loss, liver damage, kidney problem, lung inaction and also breathing problems are some of the long term use effects.

Consuming crack cocaine does not give people a good life, just a few seconds of activity and hours of severe depression. Excessive consumption brings about addiction, and when addiction sets in, the problem becomes complicated because it is not easy to leave it. That’s why addicts do anything to get the drugs even if they have to steal. Yes, almost all illnesses have cures, but even with that, most crack cocaine effects are irreparable; with a lot of body functions disturbed and some organs damaged. In fact, most treatments have been reported to be abortive. So, why don’t you adhere to a simple life? Live a happy, long lasting life.