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Hitting Rock Bottom

Hitting Rock Bottom

Statistics Show the danger in waiting for an alcoholic or drug addict to hit bottom.

When someone is addicted to alcohol, everyone around the alcoholic suffers. Wives, children, parents, co-workers, employers, even neighbors and friends suffer right along with the addicted person. Not only that, the entire community suffers. Other drivers are endangered, even pedestrians are at risk and law enforcement personnel are forced to pick up the broken pieces of alcohol-damaged lives.

There are some people who claim that you can’t help an alcoholic until they hit bottom. That they have to want to recover and ask for help before you can get them to walk through the doors of an alcohol rehab. This is not very good advice as there are many bottoms to this magical ‘rock bottom’.

Tragically, some people die before they hit that rock bottom. Other people go through rehab, even multiple times, but fail to find the right rehabilitation center and finally succumb to the problem. These people fail because most rehabs are based on “group therapy”. All group therapy is, is a bunch of people in the same boat going over and over their addiction problems. And of course they have no answers; that is why they are in rehab. This method should be called “the blind leading the blind”.

In just the last several months, there has been a number of high-profile alcohol related deaths such as with Amy Winehouse, while earlier this year Gerry Rafferty died after a decade or more fighting alcoholism. One of the latest celebrities to fall is Jani Lane, lead singer of the 80s rock group Warrant, who died August 11, 2011 as a result of his alcoholism.

And while he is still alive, the mayor of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Bob Ryan, is currently under censure by some people in his community after he was involved in a drunken brawl at a bar. He publicly admitted his alcoholism and stated that he was getting treatment.

In 2010, former US Representative Charlie Wilson died of cardiac arrest; three years earlier he had received a heart transplant after decades of alcohol consumption damaged his heart. Dozens more people could be added to the list from sports, entertainment or political circles.

But these are just the high profile problems. For every celebrity who falls, there are thousands of ordinary people who struggle with the same kinds of problems, without the headlines or paparazzi. The World Health Organization states that 2.5 million deaths a year are caused by alcohol consumption.

It is not necessary for a family to wait until an alcoholic is arrested or suffers a catastrophic loss before getting them into rehab. Admittedly, it can be hard to get through to an alcoholic that they need help just due to the nature of alcoholism. Families should know that an alcoholic does not have to ‘hit bottom’ before getting help. The addicted person has lost control of their addiction and is waiting to be rescued; they are always waiting to be rescued, even those who say they don’t help are waiting to be rescued.

Any highly experienced drug and alcohol rehabilitation program knows that they family will need the help of a good interventionists. When a person can’t control their drinking, the right time for them to get help is right now, before they get arrested, have an accident or even die.

Many people go to rehab centers around the world with the help of an interventionist. Interventionists are able to reach out and save lives of addicts who desperately want to stop using drugs. Together the center and the interventionists are able to offer the degree of help an intensely dangerous condition like alcohol requires.

Get Help Before it is Too Late.

Psychosis Causing Drug May Stay on the Market Despite New Federal Ban

Psychosis Causing Drug May Stay on the Market Despite New Federal Ban

States and federal agencies are starting to catch up to sellers of “Bath Salts“, these “Bath Salts” cause psychosis and hallucinations. The Drug Enforcement Administration is taking steps to remove this product from the market, however the merchants will probably go underground and continue with sales.

The innocent-looking beige crystals have been sold in convenience stores and “head shops” around the country, they are labeled “Bath Salts.” Each label carries a cautionary notification that they are “not for consumption” but are just to be used for a “refreshing bath” experience. The packages of the salts have various names such as; Cloud Nine, Ivory Wave, Lunar Wave, Pure Ivory, or Red Dove.

When undercover Drug Enforcement Administration agents bought the product; sales clerks would explain in detail how to consume the product to get a good high.

Families need to be warned that teens or young adults in their areas may be using “Bath Salts” in order to get high. The most effective elimination of substance abuse and addiction is through effective drug education and/or rehabilitation.

Young people at dance clubs or raves across the US have been taking this drug and many have suffered hallucinations, they have also become severely disassociated and disoriented and experienced panic attacks.

Bath Salts follow a familiar pattern used in the development and manufacture of designer drugs. A designer drug is the result of slightly altering the structure of a banned drug to come up with a formula that is not itself outlawed, in this case it’s Bath Salts. Bath Salts are an analog of the intoxicating chemicals in khat, which is a banned East African plant – often smuggled into and abused – in Europe and North America. The effect of the drug is described by the DEA as being similar to that of cocaine, LSD, Ecstasy, khat or amphetamines.

Rehab centers in Russia, Eastern Europe and Africa are experiencing an increase of young clients who have been using this new, toxic chemical. However it has definitely surfaced in the US and is promoted on the internet.

According to a New York Times report from July 2011, the effects of this new drug can include:

Fevers as high as 107 degrees F that can cause not only organ breakdown but death

Homicidal or suicidal actions resulting in deaths

Users so agitated that emergency room staff have to subdue them with drugs or general anesthesia

Other users so out of control that they did not even respond to Tasers used by police.

The constantly changing drug markets make it difficult to keep young people educated about new and potentially deadly drugs. We need to provide drug education presentations to hundreds of thousands of young people each year and warn them of dangers of drugs in a way that they can relate to and therefore encourages them to avoid drugs altogether. It is almost impossible to keep up with every new formula drug dealers come up with to circumvent the laws. It’s sad but these drug manufacturers and dealers don’t care who they hurt as long as they make their money. The only safety is teaching young people to go to parties where they can have a good time while staying sober.

The DEA need to use their authority to impose emergency controls over this substance, as announced by the DEA on September 7, 2011. This will be the first step in taking the drug and its dealers off the streets. Families should still alert the young people in the family and their friends that these drugs could result in serious damage or even death and to stay away from them.

Drug And Alcohol Addiction

Drug And Alcohol Addiction

Many families are living in fear each day while innocent people are being killed in accidents, families being torn apart, and much more. There is nothing pleasant or good about the effects of addiction. Living a life of substance abuse, and living with an addict, can be hell on earth in more ways than one. Not only that, but many innocent people are affected each day and often have to suffer the consequences.

* Studies show that over a 10 year period, deaths related to drug addiction increased sharply.

* The National Highway Traffic Commission estimates that between 10-22% of drivers involved in accidents are under the influence of drugs, and many of those are also under the influence of alcohol.

* More and more of the youth of America and Canada are dying as a result of drugs.

* Chronic drinking can adversely affect the brain’s structure.

* Young adults are the largest growing population of drug users.

While those facts are frightening enough, there are also other things to consider. With the increase in drug addiction and alcoholism, more children are faced with growing up in these dysfunctional homes. Domestic violence increases. Marriages dissolve and entire families drift apart. Substance abuse continues to destroy even outside of the family. Businesses face huge losses due to decreased productivity. Communities experience an increase in the homeless population as a direct result of drug addiction. The effects of addiction reach far beyond the individual who suffers from substance abuse. In some way, every member of the community is directly or indirectly affected.

Since young adults are the fastest growing population of drug addicts, what can be predicted for the future?

Although addiction is certainly nothing new, at some point, entire societies will face the end result of young people turning to addiction to solve or escape their problems. More children will be born under the influence of drugs. Businesses will crumble. It is not as far-fetched as it may seem. What makes matters even worse is that some addicts and their families deny there is a problem at all. Even in today’s society, people try to keep addiction a family secret. It doesn’t work, of course, because most people can see
the destruction in any family.

The realities are horrific. Every day, somewhere in the world, a child is getting on a school bus being driven by someone under the influence. Doctors who are high on drugs are treating patients. Even police officers are under the influence more often both on and off duty. It IS a frightening world out there, and much of the cause of it is substance abuse and drug addiction. The realities cannot be ignored any longer. Every day the headlines bespeak the fact that addiction affects everyone, everyday. Hiding and/or enabling drug addiction and alcoholism only furthers the problem.

Those who know someone with a problem should reach out for help, even if the addict won’t. Substance abuse will not go away on its own. And all addicts despite their protests are waiting to be rescued.

The real scary fact is that if no one acts, an innocent person could be killed, even a child. Silence and doing nothing are not the answers. When people begin to speak up and speak out, more people with addictions tend to get help. Don’t ignore addiction any longer.