About Us

About Us

The Drug Addiction Helpline is a well established, non profit(EIN# 82-2992650), health advocacy organization dedicated to helping people find the most effective drug rehabilitation program possible based on their own needs, and to create the most lasting effect possible.

Should you be interested in becoming a counselor, please contact us through the “Get Help Now” link above.

21 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi, I want to help someone who is addicted.He already went to rehab.But there is a relapse.He also met with an accident and is confined to bed now.

  2. Hi There
    I am from Punjab and looking forward to contribute my services to help the humanity. I want to start with a de addiction centre but as I am not a medico so I am not very much clear about the process and procedures to start up with the de addiction centre.
    I would be grateful to you if you can help me with the understanding upon how to set up a de addiction hospital.

    Best Regards
    Raman Preet Singh

    1. Addiction requires rehabilitation. The word rehabilitate means: to put back to proper condition by training. We sent you an email, please reply.

  3. My maids husband is alcoholic, can u help them. Most of the workers in our area are in similar problem, is there any low cost treatment?

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