Cocaine Drug Rehab Treatment

Cocaine Drug Rehab Treatment

Cocaine Drug Rehab Treatment

Cocaine is one of the most commonly abused drugs with dire consequences. Also referred to as “crack,” it is native to Peru and Bolivia, where it has long been in use among the people living in these countries for its associated perceived positive effect. Cocaine is derived from the leaves of coca plant. The drug is highly addictive and ranks among the stimulants that are widely abused in America. It is taken in various forms by users; it can be smoked, injected or snorted. Cocaine impact the central nervous system of user by inhibiting the re-absorption of the chemical dopamine. Feeling of extreme joy or euphoria, caused by high levels of bio-chemicals released by the brain, is experienced for some time after use.

Cocaine’s Effects on the Body and Mind

Most of those who make use of cocaine probably only care about the euphoria, feeling of being high, mental alertness and energy boost that they believe they can thus receive. The reality is that damage is being done to the body at the same time when these sensations are being experienced. Cocaine use can lead to increased blood pressure, intense heart beats, and high temperature. Addiction to this drug can result in grave consequences like tremors, bronchitis, vertigo, respiratory arrest, Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV) through sharing of syringes and needles, cardiac arrest and death, among many other serious consequences. Addicts also tend to lose interest in relationships and activities that they used to like, and may strain whatever existing relationships they have when they resort to stealing in order to finance their drug use habits.

Cocaine Drug Treatment

In the light of the damage that can be done to the well-being of cocaine users, there has been a rise in the number of those seeking treatment since the 1980s. Well, there are no medications at this time that have been designed particularly for the treatment of cocaine addiction. But what options are available when seeking to break free from addiction to this drug?

One cocaine treatment that is worth considering is therapy where the addict actually learns life skills. This has been used for addicts, and has shown wonderful results. Most addicts start using at a very early age and do not learn form life due to being on drugs. These rehab programs involve residential methods; the outcome is usually more impressive when this approache is used for patients. One advantageous thing about this treatments is that the addicted person becomes better equiped to handle life.

Another of the effective ways for cocaine treatment is the cognitive behavioral method. This long-term, direct approach aims to help individuals, who are addicted to cocaine, to become aware of situations that might induce them to want to use the drug. What this treatment seeks to achieve is that when people having cocaine addiction problem are made to realize such situations, steps can then be taken to avoid them. Patients are also taught how to cope with external pressures that are capable of inducing them to revert to cocaine use. This type of cocaine treatment is always a holistic method without the use of any kinds of medicines.