Pain Pills Treatment

Pain Pills Treatment

Pain Pills Treatment

It is surprising how pain pills have turned to objects of controversy. In an ideal word, and as the name indicates, pain pills should simply relieve pain. But as things are, that is not exactly what pain killers have come to be known with these days. They have become real issues in some countries around the world. Pain relievers such as hydrocodone, vicodin, oxycontin and some others are regularly prescribed in the United States to treat pain. Continued use of these prescription pain pills often eventually end in dependency.

When someone has reached the level of physical dependency on pain pills, it becomes extremely hard to stop the use of the medication without experiencing withdrawal symptoms that could be very unpleasant to bear. With the introduction of pain reliever into the brain, production of naturally occurring painkiller endorphin is inhibited. This is what leads to dependency on pain medication. About five million people in America are estimated to depend on prescription painkillers and this number increases every year.

Another offshoot from the use of pain pills is that they raise sensitivity of patients to pain. This is the condition referred to as opioid-induced hyperalgesia, which often result when someone is exposed to opioid painkillers. The medications cause damage to the peripheral nerves thereby reducing the body’s ability to bear pain. It is not surprising that many patients continue using pain pills even when there is no underlying condition necessitating their use. The intensity of drug-induced pain is responsible for this, and it could even lead patients to increase dosage.

Getting the Correct Pain Pills Treatment

The only sure way to break free from pain pill addiction is through learning to do without it. Because of this, however, friends of people addicted to this medication often have the mistaken believe that quitting is as simple as “going cold turkey.” It is not surprising therefore to hear such concerned loved ones telling patients to just stop using pain reliever like that. The truth is that it is not as easy as it may seem to them. It takes the assistance of a professional, such as a doctor, to wean a user off painkillers. This is because the withdrawal symptoms that would crop up might cause the affected person to beat a retreat back to their addiction. Restlessness, agitation, diarrhea, tremors and eye tearing are some opiate withdrawal symptoms that may be noticed.

As with other types of addiction, a detoxification program is usually needed for someone trying to beat addiction to narcotic pain medication. This assists in lessening the severity of opiate withdrawal symptoms. Ordinarily, and singly, detox is not enough as pain pills treatment; it is to be combined with other treatment options available. The effectiveness and ease of detoxification sometimes have something to do with those you contact to handle the process for you.

There is no single method of beating pain pill addiction. There are different treatment programs to choose from and the effectiveness of these depends on the needs of the individual; what is effective for one person may not be for another. This underlines the need to seek professional assistance for pain pill treatment before starting one.